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AHA encourages  participation by businesses owned by minorities and women.


Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)


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The below forms may be utilized by contractors.  If you have any questions email:


HUD 2530 Previous Participation Certification

HUD 2992 Certification Regarding Debarment and Suspension

HUD 5369 Instructions for Bidders

HUD 5369-A Representations/Certifications of Bidders

HUD 5369-B Instructions to Offerors, Non-construction

HUD 5369-C Representations/Certification of Offerors, Non-construction

HUD 5370 General Conditions for the Contract for Construction

HUD 5370-C1 General Conditions for Non Construction Contracts

HUD 5370-C2 General Conditions for Non-construction Contracts with Maintenance Work

HUD 5370-EZ General Conditions for Small Construction/Development Contracts

HUD 50070 Drug-Free Workplace Certification

HUD 50071 Certification of Payments to Influence Federal Transactions

HUD 92452M Performance Bond

Bid Bond


Non-Collusive Bidding Certification

Request for Acceptance of  Subcontractor










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Amsterdam, New York