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AHA encourages  participation by Section 3 and businesses owned by minorities and women.

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Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)


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The below forms may be utilized by contractors.  If you have any questions email:


HUD 2530 Previous Participation Certification

HUD 2992 Certification Regarding Debarment and Suspension

HUD 51000 Schedule of Amounts for Contract Payments

HUD 51001 Periodic Estimate for Partial Payment

HUD 51002 Schedule of Change Orders

HUD 51003 Schedule of Materials Stored

HUD 51004 Summary of Materials Stored

HUD 5369 Instructions for Bidders

HUD 5369-A Representations/Certifications of Bidders

HUD 5369-B Instructions to Offerors, Non-construction

HUD 5369-C Representations/Certification of Offerors, Non-construction

HUD 5370 General Conditions for the Contract for Construction

HUD 5370-C1 General Conditions for Non Construction Contracts

HUD 5370-C2 General Conditions for Non-construction Contracts with Maintenance Work

HUD 5370-EZ General Conditions for Small Construction/Development Contracts

HUD 50070 Drug-Free Workplace Certification

HUD 50071 Certification of Payments to Influence Federal Transactions

HUD 92452M Performance Bond

Bid Bond


Non-Collusive Bidding Certification

Request for Acceptance of  Subcontractor

Section 3 Clause

Section 3 Acknowledgment

Section 3 Brochure










52 Division Street

Amsterdam, New York