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General Information


The Amsterdam Housing Authority Section 8 Rental Assistance Programs are designed to provide decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing to low income families in private housing throughout the community. The Section 8 rental assistance programs are a three-way partnership between the Amsterdam Housing Authority, the family and the landlord of the housing unit.


•All income must be verified by a third party. Forms granting permission must be signed.


• All family members must provide their Social Security card and Birth Certificate.


• Individuals or families participating in the program have to be recertified at least once a year.


•The program does not provide for the payment of Security Deposit or Utility Deposits.


• After the first year, the tenancy may terminate the lease upon a thirty (30) day written notice sent to the landlord and to this agency.


• All apartments are inspected initially and each year after to be sure they meet Department of Housing and Urban Development standards.

  • Housing Choice Voucher

    • Tenant based assistance.


    • Subsidy is calculated using a payment standard.


    •Rent may exceed the limits established by the Federal government.


    •Tenant portion may not exceed 40% of the families adjusted gross income.


    Applicants can apply on our Applications page when the waiting list is open.

  • Family Self-Sufficiency


    • Allows participants to attain economic self-sufficiency and independence through educational support, job training, counseling and other services in addition to housing support.


    • Housing Choice Voucher participants are eligible.


    • Escrow account is set up for participants with earned income.


    For more information click here.

  • Mainstream Program

    • Participants must be disabled.


    • Participants will be linked with services on an as needed basis.

  • Moderate Rehabilitation

    The Moderate Rehabilitation Program offers project based assistance to families that are income eligible.


    Families must qualify for the number of bedrooms based on occupancy standards established by the AHA.


    Rent is based on 30% of the families total adjusted income.


    This program applies only to the following units:


    26 James Street     and    188 Division Street

    RJS Properties, Inc.          SF Housing

    2 and 3 bedroom units      2 bedrooms units


    Moderate Rehabilitation Program is project based assistance, therefore the assistance stays with the unit if the tenant moves out.  Eligible families may apply for the Housing Choice Voucher Program when the waiting lists are open.


    Go to our Applications page to apply.

  • Project Based Voucher Program

    The Project Based Voucher Program (PBV) is similar to the Housing Choice Voucher Program in that it provides low-and moderate-income households with monthly rental assistance. However, PBV assistance is tied to particular units rather than to the tenant.


    Eligible households pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income toward rent and the PBV Program pays the difference. Families must qualify for the number of bedrooms based on household size and composition. Each PBV rental property  has its own tenant selection process and preferences.


     Because the assistance is tied to the unit, a family who moves from the project-based unit does not have any right to continued housing

    assistance. However, they may be eligible for a tenant based voucher when one becomes



    Amsterdam Housing administers PBV assistance for 93 units in Woodrow Wilson Townhomes.


    Applications for these rental properties are available on our Applications page.

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